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Sewing 101: Okay, Let's Sew

Did you know that the library has sewing machines that you can use? Come join us as we kick off our summer sewing project. For those who have never used a machine, have no fear we will learn together. BEGINNERS WELCOME!

Getting Started
Saturday, June 24 • 10am-12pm
Learn the parts of and how to operate our sewing machines.

Movin' Forward
Saturday, July 15 • 10am-12pm
Now that we have learned how to use our machines… We will begin to sew! During this class you will learn how to read a pattern, the information on it,  and sew!

Okay Let's Sew
Saturday, August 26 • 10am-12pm
With the basics of sewing under our belt,  let's get down to business and create! We will make a basic tote bag for you to take home!

Adult Crafts

Saturday, August 26 • 10:00am - 12:00pm
Price: FREE
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Lori Lysik